On Thursday February 28th Cody Jinks fans collectively lost their minds as Facebook and Twitter blew up, when he walked on with no facial hair.

That's right when Jinks took the stage in Huntsville AL last Thursday, he was beardless. BEARD. LESS. Did he get drunk and do it on a dare? Did he nick it during a routine maintenance? Then go down that ol' rabbit hole of trying to even it out  -- inevitably ending with it all gone? We don't know.

We do know that there was no warning. There was no "Jinks Here" Facebook video headsup. In his wake, Jinks fans commonly referred to as "Flockers" are shaving their beards en masse. This could be the end to beards.

Jamey Johnson was co-headlining the show with Sunny Sweeney serving as support. Shout out to YouTuber Taylor Hendrix for the great video.

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