Clint Black co-wrote his 2003 single "Spend My Time" with his longtime friend and collaborator Hayden Nicholas. The song takes on themes of aging, time management and appreciating time well spent -- all common ideas for the singer, who credits the "era [he] grew up in" for his fascination with time. 

However, Black says, the song's meaning became even more personal as he began to get older, becoming more of a meditation on mortality and age. To learn more about "Spend My Time," as well as Black's story of writing it with Nicolas, read on.

This is a song I wrote with my longtime lead guitarist, Hayden Nicholas. We've been together, still now, from 1987, when we started working on demos in his garage. Anyway, Harden and I wrote this one, and we've written a lot of songs on the subject of time.

I think because of the era I grew up in, I've been kind of obsessed with it, and didn't take it for granted. And this is a song that takes on a whole lot more meaning as we get older and time is more precious. When you find yourself sitting at the top of the family tree, with no one left above you, it takes on even more significance.

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