Kick up your heels and scoot a boot to Clay Shelburn live this Friday at the Firehouse Bar and Grill. I think Clay's music is caught in a love triangle.

If you love Texas/Red Dirt music Clay is your man. If you love the new Nashville pop sound, Clay is your guy, but if you really love that Motown R&B sound, then Clay Shelburn is the man.

Clay has a sound that he calls "Funktry" and he has a huge nationwide following that he's grown all on You Tube.

Shelburn's unique style will have you arriving early to the Firehouse Bar and Grill so you won't miss one note and staying all night to make sure you catch it all.

Check out Clay Shelburn's 2017 appearance at the Outlaws and Legends show in Abilene in the above video and his newest song in the video below.



Date and Time

  • Friday, July 28th,2017
  • 7PM doors open
  • 9 PM showtime



  • $8 admission at the door
  • $10 for minors
  • VIP tables available

Other Info

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