CJ Solar wrote his song "Coming My Way" with co-writers Jake Mitchell and Hardy -- the latter of whom was also his co-writer on Morgan Wallen's massively successful smash hit "Up Down."

Below, Solar explains how "Coming My Way" has helped grow his live show, and why it's so important to have fun-loving, good-time anthems to perform during a live set. Read on to learn the story behind the song.

It's funny, we actually wrote "Coming My Way" before we wrote "Up Down." "Coming My Way" had been in the pile for a while. Me and Hardy have written a ton of songs together, and we co-wrote both of those songs together.

When you're onstage, you love those uptempo songs, because when people are enjoying those, and everyone's drinking and partying and having a good time -- there's something to taking people out of their regular, everyday life and the stuff that's going on, just taking them out of that and having a good time.

I've had so many people, with "Up Down" and with "Coming My Way," that are like, "Dude, we jam out to this song on the boat," or ... "We're having a backyard BBQ, and that song was the soundtrack of that summer." Which is really cool. It's cool to have people associate memories with your songs.

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