If you’ve ever wanted to watch Daniel Bruhl make Robert Downey Jr. eat a ping pong ball in a Berlin restaurant, congratulations, your wish just came true. In a new German promo video for Captain America: Civil War, Bruhl — who plays the film’s villain, Baron Zemo — takes the actor occasionally known as Iron Man on a little tour of Berlin, stopping in a restaurant to treat his co-star to some authentic German food…including ping pong balls, for some reason.

Downey Jr. joins Bruhl in Marvel’s amusing German promo for Civil War, which takes a much different approach from the usual promotional videos. Instead of hyping up the film (as if it needs any more hype), Marvel sends the pair to Bruhl’s home country to sample some traditional cooking. Someone needs to give these two an hour-long Travel channel special, stat. In addition to actual German food, Bruhl serves up some inedible items which he claims are local delicacies, including ping pong balls, a foam finger, baking soda and a laxative.

As you might expect, Downey Jr. is totally game about the whole thing, and the two are quite charming together. Maybe we can see them co-star in a film where they aren’t at odds with one another — Downey Jr. did just recently reveal that Sherlock Holmes 3 is filming this year. So there’s an option.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6.

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