Is it me or does it seem like Christmas events are everywhere this year? One Abilene even in particular is one of my faves. It's called "Christmas Lane" and it's at the Abilene State Supported Living Center.

The one holiday event I thought might be gone forever because of the pandemic is back. Christmas Lane at the Abilene State Supported Living Center has a lot of new players and displayers.

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Since the pandemic, several participants have not come back, but there are a lot more who have joined in on the fun. This year, you can get out to see all the displays, have some hot cocoa, enjoy some cookies, and experience some other festive surprises.

We can interact with the volunteers, have photos taken with Santa, see the train displays, and call the North Pole on their special phone line connected directly to Santa's workshop. Now for the greatest news of all, Christmas Lane - put on by the Volunteer Service Council - is all free!

Yes, it's all free. However, I highly recommend that if you can, donate. They take cash, checks, and debit/credit cards. All the funds raised go to support the residents there.

Christmas Lane is open December 1st through December 26th. Hour are Sunday through Thursday, 6-9 p.m. and Friday/Saturday, 6-10 p.m. December 24-26 will be a drive-thru only. The Center is located at 2501 Maple Street.

Many thanks to the Volunteer Service Council for continuing to operate Christmas Lane, one of the funnest events in West Texas. Remember, this event is free to the public, and any donations will go directly to the residents. Give what you can and  remember to have lots of fun at Christmas Lane.

For more information, contact the Abilene Volunteer Service Council at ​325-795-3547.

Photo by: Shea Butts / Abilene State Supported Living Center
Photo by: Shea Butts / Abilene State Supported Living Center I'm done

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