If you watched the Etta James funeral on television you saw the lines of who's who in attendance. One of the attendees that sang during the funeral was Christina Aguilera and the song she sang was Miss Etta's biggest hit to date, At Last". If you ask me, I think she knocked a grand slam home run with her own rendition of At Last. You can even tell that all those in attendance agree as well giving Christina a standing ovation.
I first realized that Christina Aguilera had a set of pipes and could hold her own with just about any other singer when I heard her sing with Andrea Bocelli, the song was a Spanish love song called "Somos Novios." I've known the song for years because it was one on my moms favorite songs. One day while searching Youtube I came across this little jewel. I will share both videos with you, first the Etta James song "At Last" and then the Andrea Bocelli duet. Tell me what you think, can this girl sing or what?