Outlaw and Texas country music fans get excited anytime they hear that a new Chris Knight CD available. And with good reason. Knight is one of those singer/songwriters that, once you get to know their music, you get the feeling you're listening to pure, honest, from the heart music. Chris Knight's new CD, 'Little Victories' stays true to that form.

There's no denying the Steve Earle, John Prine, Ray Wylie Hubbard-inspired singing and songwriting from Knight. If you're going to be inspired, that's a good group to pay attention to. But there's always going to be something about Chris Knight that is unique. Just like the previously mentioned influences, Chris comes up with lyrics that you've never heard before, taking up immediate ownership of his chosen string of words.

'Little Victories' opens with 'In The Mean Time'. It's got a gritty rock feel, and is the first single of the CD with good reason. It's got commercial appeal.The opening lyrics speak to regular folks, and set the tone for the rest of the album:

Sometimes I wonder where my next dollar's gonna come from
Keep my head up in case something falls out of the sky
Daddy taught me how to use my boot straps and carry on
He said 'God'll be good to you son, if you try'

'Missing You' is next, holding the up-tempo feel of the opening track. Lee Ann Womack co-wrote 'You Lie When You Call My Name'. The title pretty much sums it up.

It's difficult to pick out highlights on 'Little Victories' because I hear nothing but highlights. It's so fresh and clever, from 'Low Down Ramblin' Blues' to 'You Can't Trust No One', and of course the title track. Every song is at least good - if not outstanding - and most are candidates for single consideration to either the Americana charts, the Texas Music Chart or both.

If you forced me to pick a favorite, I would probably choose 'Out Of This Hole'. This Sean McConnell co-write is simple, with only acoustic guitar and vocals, and a truly inspirational message. I listen to this song and visualize it appearing in a Hollywood movie. Don't ask why. I can't explain. It opens:

I'm digging myself out of this hole
They say it can't be done, but what do they know
Take my shovel, or use my hands
Diggin' out of this hole any way that I can

'Jack Loved Jesse' is a terrific, rocking song. A story about outlaw love. This is not a new subject, just a great new delivery of an oft-told tale. I would love to hear this song (co-written by Knight and Dan Baird) on the radio. We shall see.

Some songwriters simply have a talent for digging deeper for a more thoughtful lyric. Some singers deliver their lyrics with a feeling and emotion that sends you the song's message all by itself. Chris Knight possesses both of these talents, and this fact is made abundantly clear on 'Little Victories'. If you were already a fan of Knight's before listening to this CD, you may have reason for new found respect for his talents.

This album is more than just a little victory for Knight. this CD is a stellar piece of work added into an already excellent catalog of music. It's performing very well on the Americana charts with good reason. It has received critical acclaim with good reason. And you should buy 'Little Victories'. With good reason.

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