Charlie Worsham has released his first single, 'Could It Be,' but he's far from a country newcomer. The singer and songwriter has been working up and down Broadway for years, and practically has an entire industry cheering for him. His debut effort takes no chances -- the Mississippi-born, Boston-educated Nashvillian delivers a steady, dependable effort that reminds one of a young Keith Urban.

Vince Gill is another artist Worsham could be compared to. While he doesn't show the range Gill is known for on this song, his vocals are similarly smooth. 'Could It Be' is the story of two friends who end up in bed together after a boozy night at the bar. Was it a mistake? That's the question Warner Music Nashville's newest singer is asking.

"Could it be I'm finally holding what I've been hoping for / Could it be the end of just friends the start of something more / Oh the way I'm feeling now is worth sticking around to see / Is this love or could it be," he sings.

Worsham wrote the 'Could It Be' lyrics with Ryan Tyndell and Marty Dodson. Their mastery is subtle, but after a few listens, lines like those in the pre-chorus begin to stand out. The newcomer tells the story with a cool efficiency of someone like Urban.

"Waking up with you on my chest / I had a pounding heart, and aching head and no regrets / Well who knows we might go down in flames / Then again I might just change your name," he sings during the pre-chorus.

'Could It Be' isn't a song that's going to set the charts on fire by Valentine's Day. But with a little luck and a few more fans piling onto his bandwagon, it could become one of the most played of 2013. Much like the artist, the song is going to be a slow ride -- but one worth it.

Listen to Charlie Worsham, 'Could It Be'