The next country music awards show will be the Academy of Country Music Awards and it seems the producers like Blake Shelton.  Problem is...Well, he knows how to cuss and he kinda like says whatever comes to mind at times.

Now remember this show airs live, NO DELAY! Do you think Blake Shelton will say something during the awards show?

Look out, Someone’s giving Blake Shelton a microphone to talk! on a national major network prime-time TV show.  Reining Country Music Association male vocalist Blake Shelton known for his, uh, “colorful” messages on Twitter will share Academy of Country Music Awards hosting duties with Reba McEntire.

The two read ACM nominations together last year and the organization loved it. Reba is managed by her husband, Narvel Blackstock, and Blake is managed by Narvel's son, Brandon.

“When they did that, you saw a chemistry,” ACM executive director Bob Romeo told USA Today.

“They played off each other naturally. They seemed warm and spontaneously funny.”via: Country Weekly

And what about Blake’s occasionally raunchy humor?