As Kacey Musgraves sings in "Follow Your Arrow": "Roll up a joint, or don't / Just follow your arrow wherever it points." Some country artists don't follow that particular arrow, but others do; in fact, there are a number of country stars who enjoy a bit of marijuana every so often, or have at least tried it -- including some who may surprise you.

Of course, Willie Nelson is an easy inclusion in any list of country artists who smoke pot: He's been vocal about his support of the legalization of weed; he wrote and recorded the song "It's All Going to Pot" with Merle Haggard; and he even has his own line of marijuana. Additionally, Nelson was involved with (or rather, the muse for) Toby Keith's song "Weed With Willie.” As the song's title suggests, Keith smoked pot with Nelson -- and, oh boy, does he ever have a story to tell!

Two of country's favorite female singers have gotten stoned at least once; one even tried a few edibles, but didn't enjoy the experience. Click through the photo gallery above to find out who else in the country community has admitted to taking a toke!

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