The Westboro Baptist Church isn't shy about its hate for a number of country artists -- but many of the acts they've targeted aren't the type to let it go and move on without a reply.

Most recently, it was Blake Shelton and the WBC who were trading barbs on Twitter -- and not for the first time, either: The country star fought back and forth with the organization back in 2013 as well. A year later, facing a protest of his own, Brad Paisley used a selfie with a humorous caption to let the WBC know what he thinks of them; the singer later said that he posted the picture because of the organization’s protests at fallen soldiers’ funerals.

Also in 2013, Vince Gill confronted WBC protesters outside one of his concerts. And Charlie Daniels has spoken out against the Westboro Baptist Church, explaining, “First of all, the Westboro Baptist Church isn’t Baptist. Second of all, it isn’t a church. A church is the body of Christ, and the God I serve is a God of love, not of hate ... I don’t hate the people of Westboro, but I hate what they stand for ... They're despicable people."

Readers can flip through the photo gallery above to learn more about these four stars' interactions with the WBC -- and why Carrie Underwood and George Jones have also found themselves on the receiving end of the church's hate.