It doesn't matter how sweet and sentimental a relationship seems in the honeymoon phase: Sometimes, things turn sour quick. That's the kind of love that Caylee Hammack sings about in her new single, "Just Friends." What begins as a promising friendship-turned-romance quickly gets rocky, and when it ends, it takes away all the good feelings the two pals had before they decided to be more than just friends.

Mirroring this doomed relationship, the song's first verse sounds like the beginning of a sappy love ballad. Over a gentle acoustic guitar line, Hammack's lyrics reveal that this person helped her break down the boundaries of her heart, making it easier than ever before to let new love into her life.

Unfortunately, things go south after that first verse: Acoustic guitar gives way to crunchy, rock 'n' roll-esque electric, and Hammack's vocals drop by about an octave and a half as she realizes what a mistake she's made.

"You should've never come over," she seethes. "You should've left early / And kept your hands to yourself..."

Breakups may be painful, but they're also famously fertile material for country songs, and "Just Friends" is no exception. The bait-and-switch between a love ballad and a breakup anthem is certainly not fun to experience firsthand, but in a country song, it's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Did You Know?: Hammack's debut album, If It Wasn't for You, features a Reba McEntire duet called "Redhead." The young singer grew up inspired by the women of country music: She's even admitted that her parents "never had a moment of silence again" after she got a Shania Twain karaoke machine.

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Caylee Hammack's "Just Friends" Lyrics:

I'd sworn off long long 'fore I met you / But somehow you loosened the ties / On a tied-up heart / But I should've known it from the start...

You should've never come over / You should've left early / And kept your hands to yourself / You knew better / You should've never promised me bliss / If you couldn't keep it...


We should've stayed just friends / Just friends / Just friends.

I should've listened to my mama / And not let you in my head / I should've told you that I loved ya / But not let you in my bed / Was it the tension / That kept your attention on me? / Or were you just lonely and needing company? / Oh baby, maybe...

Repeat Chorus

If we had never made out / Do you think you'd wanna / Still hang and sleep on my couch? / Or do you think you'd wanna / Go back and take it back / But it's too late / 'Cause it don't work like that.

You should've held your own hand / We should've been, should've been / Just friends / Just friends/ I should've listened to my mama / I should've listened to my mama / We should've stayed just friends.

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