Cassadee Pope is still immersed in the world of her 2019 studio album Stages, but when she is ready to move on to her next musical chapter, the singer says she'll be shooting for revealing, vulnerable songwriting.

"I'm writing some of the most revealing songs about my family and about my relationship, and some of the struggles we've had in our relationship," Pope told The Boot at the 2019 ASCAP Awards, referencing her long-term romance with actor Sam Palladio. "I'm just baring it all, which has been a conscious decision.

"I just feel like I've only got one life. If I'm gonna be an artist, I wanna be authentic. I wanna be revealing and bold, and take risks," she adds. "So that's sort of the approach that I'm taking with whatever this next project is gonna be."

Speaking of her relationship, Pope says that she and Palladio's careers are in separate realms that the other doesn't fully understand -- but that's okay. "Like, I don't understand the acting world, but I respect the hell out of him, and I think he's amazing," she points out.

"He's the same with country music: He respects what I do and respects the community. He doesn't ever try to change it or weigh in on how my songs should be instead of how they are," Pope continues. "It just sort of happened that way, where we understood where each other's boundaries are when it comes to that stuff. I think respect is the main thing -- respect and communication."

Still, Palladio and Pope have found ways to take the stage together now and again. They collaborated with Striking Matches, for example, and have tried their hand at co-writing, too.

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