Who knew automated vehicles were also subject to the scrutiny that comes with aging? They may not have to worry about wrinkles, greying hair, or sagging skin, but when cars reach a certain age, it’s straight to the junkyard. (This incites a whole other philosophical discussion around the Cars characters and whether or not they are sentient beings – is their consciousness the engine or the frame, the ghost or the shell?) In Cars 3, racing champ Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is forced to retirement as a brand new racer enters the game.

The latest trailer for Pixar’s third Cars movie is all about newcomer Jackson Storm, a flashy black and blue new car, voiced by Armie Hammer, who’s taking the racing sport by... well, storm. (Sorry.) Like any other talented athlete (are cars technically athletes?), Lightning wants to get back in the game so he begins training with Cruz Ramirez (voiced by Cristela Alonzo). The latest trailer also shows off Lightning’s new paint job and has the car playing a VR racing game – I can just image the writers room when someone pitched, “Let’s have cars play a cars racing game!”

As the first trailer hinted, Cars 3 is a bit darker than the previous films. The movie also features voices from Chris Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Kerry Washington, Tony Shalhoub, Margo Martindale, Bob Costas, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Lea DeLaria, and more. Here’s the full synopsis:

Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves. To get back in the game, he will need the help of an eager young race technician, Cruz Ramirez (voice of Cristela Alonzo), with her own plan to win, plus inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a few unexpected turns. Proving that #95 isn’t through yet will test the heart of a champion on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage!

Cars 3 races into theaters June 16.

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