Today (March 10) is Carrie Underwood‘s birthday and while we hope she is celebrating her 29th year surrounded by friends and family, her fans can indulge in a taste of her upcoming video for ‘Good Girl.’ This teaser is super short, but there’s enough going on here to arouse our interest for the rest of the footage.

Underwood’s face is never shown in this half-minute clip. Instead, we see lots of high heels, dancing and stomping around, falling in line with the song’s lyrics about putting your “goodbye shoes” on. If you’re going to walk out, may as well do it in style.

These are images that another Carrie -’Sex and the City’ fashionista and footwear fanatic Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker- would appreciate, since the shoes are exquisite, expensive works of art, in addition to being dangerously high. While we don’t catch a glimpse of Underwood, one can assume that she is teetering on at least one pair of fabulous stilettos here.

We see other well-heeled feet stomping on flowers, too.

The full video will premiere on Monday, March 12 on ‘Entertainment Tonight.’ The online bow is slated for the next day (March 13) on Vevo.

Watch Teaser for Carrie Underwood ‘Good Girl’

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