Carly Pearce and her husband Michael Ray share a television obsession with much of the rest of the viewing public. The couple are huge fans of This Is Us, and they refuse to watch the episodes alone when they are apart for work.

“We love This Is Us," Pearce shares in an interview with her record label, Big Machine. "That’s a show that we never miss and we don’t – we call it ‘cheating’ on the other one – so we don’t cheat and watch without the other person."

Aside from the popular drama series, the "Closer to You" singer somewhat forces her new husband to watch a favorite show of hers. "I’ve made him watch The Bachelor," she revealed. "So he watches that."

As for the popular The Bachelor spinoff show, The Bachelorette, Ray isn't a big fan. "He really hates The Bachelorette though, but I’m working on that," she says with a laugh.

When the couple aren't bingeing one of their go-to television shows, they're most likely watching documentary films.

"And yeah, we watch like random documentaries and random things but This Is Us is something we don’t miss," Pearce concludes.

In January, the happy couple were surprised with a video message from The Bachelor Season 23 contestant Colton Underwood. Underwood shared that he was a fan of country music, and specifically of Pearce and Ray's. "I'm learning being engaged means you are part of #bachelornation Haha," Ray wrote on Instagram. "I appreciate it man, Come out to show some time bro let’s hang."

Pearce and Ray got maried on Oct. 6 in Tennessee in front of friends and family.

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