Jason Aldean is a very private person. His wife Brittany Aldean is not, but she finds balance on social media and has even found a way to lead the "Blame It on You" singer toward the spotlight.

He now shares more on his own social media pages and offers more during interviews than ever before — something his wife of nearly six years says she encourages.

"He's such a good person. He's so humble and he's really, really a great person," Brittany Aldean tells Taste of Country. "I try to encourage him to not be so interview-y and more real with everybody and just let them see you, because it's really hard to not fall in love with him."

This comes more naturally for the 33-year-old mother of two. She's built a brand of her own — especially on Instagram — and has nearly two million followers eager for a peek into her life at home with Jason and their kids. It all comes with some backlash — she'll emphasize this when friends ask her for advice on building their own brand — and requires a new definition of privacy. For example, Brittany often shares photos and videos long after the fact to protect their location. It's all organically curated to offer highlights while still guarding the more personal details.

That's exhausting for some, like Jason.

"Social media for him is work. Touring and music is not," she says. "He definitely sees it as a more of like an invasion sometimes. I have to tell him, you have so many fans out there and people that are really curious about what you're doing ... They don't just want to see you in the studio, doing all the work things."

Aldean, 43, has seen the benefits of social media in recent years, so he's engaging more on his respective pages. On Instagram, for example, he has more than three million followers with about half as many posts as his more content generous wife. His posts are a mix of sports, music memories, sponsored posts and family moments, all crisply cropped with a bright filter when needed.

As a mother to toddlers Memphis and Navy, Brittany has to worry about their privacy as well as the permanent examples she's setting for them. This is especially relevant when it comes to health, fitness and dieting — something she says she'll be focusing on once again now that the holiday gorge is behind her. Admittedly, she didn't have great examples growing up in the south, but also knows that obsessing about body image can be harmful.

"We encourage food in our home," she says. "I just think it's the right foods."

Fruits and vegetables are a staple with every meal, and even if they're making frozen meals, they're healthy frozen meals.

"I love to keep a lot of our South Beach meals and snacks that are really easy. We can pick it up and go with it and we know we're making the right decision, too, with our diet."

Brittany Aldean is a South Beach Diet ambassador. She credits the program with getting her pre-baby body back after giving birth.

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