Last week Brian Keane stopped by the big show. His new album, "Coming Home," is out now -- and it's good, y'all. While he was here, Keane offered a lil insight to the songs on the new album, then he gave us an exclusive first listen to a few tracks.

"Eating for Two."

"We just had a baby, about six  months ago, so this song is kinda what the guy goes through, when he finds out."

"You Can't Go Home."

"When I was a kid, my dad grew up in Hollywood Fla., and we'd always go back and visit, he hated to go back and visit and I never understood why... Then about a year ago, I went to visit my hometown.. and ya know all the woods we used to ride our bikes in are developed, and there are big giant houses. So, I had the same kinda experience, and wrote this song."

"Old With You."

"I wrote this with Cory Morrow, we just got to talking and this song just came out -- I mean in maybe an hour, we wrote it. It's one of those that never happens. I hope I get to write with him more."

"Bar Lights."

Hear Brian talk about his Tonight Show appearance, co-writing hit songs for Josh Abbott and William Clark Green, how he landed songs on network television ("Nashville," and "Marvels' Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."), and check out his current single "Bar Lights."

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