While Brett Young's been busy honoring his baby girl Presley in song with the release of his rising single "Lady," the singer's wife Taylor has been hard at work on something even more adorable.

During a recent virtual media event, Young revealed that Taylor has picked out not one but two Halloween outfits.

"I think my wife actually has two different family costumes for us for photo ops, so we're definitely gonna dress her up and have fun with it," the singer says, explaining that he and Taylor have never been one to miss a cute parenting opportunity with their daughter, even if she's too young to really grasp Halloween traditions.

"She doesn't really know that she's dressing up yet. But for us, that's a picture that we'll never forget," Young points out. "We already did it last year. She was only probably ten days old when we had her in a little skeleton onesie for Halloween last year."

" ... We never wanna look back and wish we [more] photo evidence of any of her cuteness. So we're gonna do it again this year," he goes on to say. Baby Presley turned a year old on October 21.

But while she may have been an adorable newborn skeleton for Halloween in 2019, this year, double the costumes means double the cuteness. And while he didn't want to ruin the surprise of the second costume his wife ordered — especially due to the fact that he wasn't quite sure what it was — Young offered up a preview of one of the family outfits that Taylor picked up.

"We call Presley 'Sweet Pea,' so we're actually gonna go as Popeye and Olive Oyl, and [Presley's] gonna go as Sweet Pea," he reveals.

As for his own favorite childhood Halloween costumes? Young admits that there was definitely a stretch of years when he had a superhero obsession.

"I was a very nerdy little boy. I was obsessed with Superman. And I would not let it go for, I mean, 15 years probably," he admits with a laugh. "To the point where I made my mom make me a new Superman costume three Halloweens in a row. The full tights, sprayed black into my hair, the curl, the whole thing."

The hard work Young's mom did during that time paid off: Looking back, that Superman costume is a major Halloween highlight of Young's childhood. "There's no way that there was another costume ever that will top the Superman costumes that my mom made me in that three-year stretch, where I couldn't get that one out of my head," he asserts.

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