Singer/songwriter Bobbie Gentry who wrote the classic "Ode to Billy Jo" and the Reba McEntire classic "Fancy" is being honored with a marker on the Mississippi State Country Music Trail. These markers help country music fans retrace the steps and lives of Mississippians who have made country music history. Bobbie Gentry is one of those very people that are meant to be honored and remembered for their contributions the country music.

The country music trail leads the way to Music City, Nashville Tennessee. These markers read like a list of whose who, like Jimmie Rodgers, Marty Stuart, Faith Hill, Charley Pride and others. So if you're ever in the Mississippi to Tennessee area follow a trail that will take you on a country music adventure. November 14th,  Bobbie Gentry joined the list of famous Mississippians as an honoree.

Born as Roberta Lee Streeter in Chickasaw County July 27, 1944, Bobbie Gentry brought her southern accent, haunting lyrics and music of Delta life to America's attention. Gentry is credited with writing one of the most influential songs of the '60s and ‘70s. Her song "Ode to Billy Joe" earned her the nickname "Delta Sweetie" which later became the title one of her albums. The song also inspired a play and a movie. Today, Bobbie Gentry is retired from performing and public life.

Check out Bobbie Gentry's classic "Ode to Billy Joe"