Billy Deans musical career has spanned more than eighteen years and he's served us up twelve albums with eleven 'Top 10' songs. Now the former Floridian is back in the thick of things with a new album and a brand new single release. The new song is called 'I Can't Leave A Good Thing' from the album 'A Man Of Good Fortune.' After hearing it for the first time, I say "Where have you been Billy and what took you so long to get back?" Billy Dean is back, and in my humble opinion he sounds better than he ever did.

While I spoke with some of Billy's people at the record label prior to hearing the new music, they all seem pretty enthused about Deans new project. I've often thought that record reps are often real good salesmen when it comes to pitching their music. However, when I spoke with longtime friend and President of Flying Island Entertainment Shelia Shipley Biddy, she simply said "I think you're really going to like it, give it a listen." What, no hard sell, no asking me for a quote, no offering me an on air interview with the artist. Ms. Biddy simply said "I think you're really going to like it" it's the best sales pitch ever.

I went straight to the production-room to turn up the speakers and got ready to tear this record apart. Okay here goes, 'I Can't Leave A Good Thing' by Billy Dean is actually pretty good, "where have you been Billy, your vocals are distinctive, your songwriting is like that of a mind-reader, and your passion for delivering a message through a song is remarkable." I believe that Billy Dean is back, and in this musical era where everybody starts to sound the same, there's no mistaking the uniquely remarkable voice that is only that of Billy Dean, "you rock brother!"

Billy recorded his first Top 5 Hit "Only Here For A Little While" in 1990. Since then, Billy has earned numerous awards, like: The Academy of Country Music's Song of the Year "Somewhere In My Broken Heart", ACM New Male Vocalist of The Year, BMI Pop Awards, BMI Song Awards, BMI Million Air Plays Award, Country Music Television Rising Star Award, NSAI Song of The Year, and a Grammy for a Country Tribute "Amazing Grace".

Source: Billy Dean Bio 2012


This is Billy Dean's new song 'I Can't Leave A Good Thing'




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