Hunter Hayes is the total package: He's proficient on seemingly every instrument. He has a fantastic singing voice. He knows how to entertain an audience (heck, he even sang "Jamabalaya" at age five with Hank Williams Jr.!). And he's got those swoon-worthy looks that make his legion of "Hayniacs" go a little crazy.

Hayes is always up for giving his fans the best experience possible and works hard to constantly impress them -- and that's why we love his music videos so much. His clips run the gamut from introspective to heart-meltingly romantic and everything in between.

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    "Wanted" was Hayes' first music video to win an award, at the 2012 American Country Awards, for Music Video of the Year: New Artist. The song itself was nominated for a Grammy, and the video helps those great lyrics stand out -- they're literally projected onto the piano that Hayes plays, the walls and even his face. Oh, and did we mention that Hayes drives a motorcycle with Nashville's skyline in the background? This is a simple video, but it really helped Hayes stand out as an artist to contend with, both musically and visually in music videos.

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    "Storm Warning"

    "Storm Warning" was Hayes' debut song in country music -- and pardon the pun, but he took the country world by storm with it. The music video showcases Hayes' exceptional talent on virtually every instrument: In the clip, he plays guitar, drums and banjo, but on the record, as many know, he played every instrument and sang every vocal.

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    "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me"

    There are two music videos for "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me," but the one that stands out is the mashup that features Hayes, Jason Mraz (who provides guest vocals on the track), YouTube stars and aspiring artists all performing the tune. This "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me" clip is highly entertaining because you never know who's going to appear next. Plus, the fact that it was all shot in one take completely blows our minds!

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    Hayes had a PSA for bullies everywhere, and he declared it through his song "Invisible," and its music video. He knows what it's like to be bullied, and he's not standing for it. From being teased at elementary school, to a mom rejected by her daughter, to a grown woman being harassed by her male boss, Hayes uses his strong platform in country music to bring comfort and hope to those who are being hurt by "sticks and stones" every day. Lyrically and visually, "Invisible" is a beautiful reminder that we are not alone.

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    "I Want Crazy"

    It fans weren't already in love with Hayes, they were after watching the singer's "I Want Crazy" music video. It depicts him and his love interest navigating a long-distance relationship. They miss each other like crazy, but instead of trying to get her to wait it out a few more months, Hayes does something crazy: He flies out there. And he doesn't just hop on some commercial jet; no, he actually flies himself out there in a personal plane. When he's reunited with his girlfriend, they sneak into a swimming pool, take lots of Polaroids, hang out on rooftops and enjoy one another's company. It's sweeter than sweet.

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