Summertime is the perfect time to visit Balmorhea. Why? Because is has a natural spring- fed pool that provides a way to cool off in the Texas heat.

Balmorhea is actually the world's largest spring-fed swimming pool. Not only does it provide great swimming but it's also great for scuba diving as well. In fact, many people go to Balmorhea to get their scuba certification. Don't be surprised if a fish nibbles on your toes. This is a spring-fed pool so their are small fish that come into the pool too.

I've been to the park once, but I will be returning, that is for sure. There is a place for picnics, an outdoor sports area, playground, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling. You can also check out the restored desert wetlands, do a little bird watching and much more.They also have rooms available for rental for reunions, gatherings and special events.

This is a great little family getaway. Plus, just down from the pool is the Oso Lodge where you can stay and you must check out the adjoining restaurant. Each room of the Oso is individually decorated in a different theme and have great rain-head showers! The restaurant next door is called the Bear Den and it has the best Mexican food I think I have ever had.

Of course, you are within driving distance of the Davis Mountains, Big Bend National Park, McDonald Observatory, Terlingua Ghost Town, Chinati Mountains, Lajitas, Marfa lights and more. So, get out and explore the whole area, because it is a beautiful part of Texas.

Check out what Balmorhea has to offer in this Parks & Wildlife Video

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