Mike Myers has played Austin Powers since 1997 when International Man of Mystery was released.  The character or characters played by Myers were iconic and made blockbuster movies.  Well he's back, with a 4th installment coming 2013.  The first film was released in 1997, the second The Spy Who Shagged Me in 1999 and the third Goldmember (staring Beyonce)  in 2002.  When the next film is released it will have been 10 years (hard to believe) since we last saw Austin Powers and all of his antics.

As of now, no title or storyline has been released publicly for the new film but with Mike Myers involved you know it will be funny. There have been some leaks/gossip as to who will be appearing in the next film. Those include Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, and Tom Cruise. However, nothing official has been released except to say that there will definitely be a 4th movie. So lets refresh our memory of Austin Powers so we will be ready to enjoy the next film.
One of my favorite and probably the most famous scene from International Man of Mystery is when Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) discusses holding the world ransom for (wait for it) 1 million dollars.

Now in the Spy Who Shagged Me Dr. Evil heads back to the 60's to steal Austin Powers "mojo". Also, this is the introduction of "Mini Me". This clip also contains the famous "zippit" scene between Dr. Evil and Scotty.

In Goldmember we head to 1975 to find Austin's dad who has been kidnapped. Beyonce makes her debut in a spoof of the old 70's Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) movies. This clip also has the "mole, holy moley" scene and of course Dr. Evil and Scotty in their usual banter.

So what will the next movie hold in store for us? Not sure yet, but they've had 10 years to out do the last three so I'm sure it will be great. What would your story line be if you had the chance to write the next script?