As the world mourns the death of an icon in Glen Campbell, Ashley Campbell mourns the loss of a father. An artist herself, the younger Campbell released the song "Remembering" in 2015 in honor of her father, knowing that because of his Alzheimer’s disease, he would one day not remember her.

Now, in the wake of his death on Aug. 8, she has written a heartfelt note to accompany the song — which she re-released — as a tribute to her dad.

"Music was the thing that could bring him back to us when the fog would pull him just a little further away," a handwritten note reads. "I was looking for a way to reach him, even when he seemed lost."

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The singer says after her father’s death, "Remembering" has taken on new meaning. “Now, after he has passed, when I sing this song, I feel like he is reaching back for me as I reached for him. I can feel him with me in the music and he is comforting me now.”

With her letter, Ashley Campbell included two photos of herself with her father from years past and a link to download the song. Read her full note below.

Campbell is the eighth and youngest daughter of the legendary country songwriter, singer and guitarist, who released his last album Adios in June 2017. His song “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” won Best Country Song at the Grammy Awards in 2015, and it was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song, as it appeared in his documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me. Sadly, the artist was unaware of his recent success.

“We don’t want to sugarcoat it,” Campbell told the Boot last month, “He has no idea that he has an album out. He had no idea when he won a Grammy.” The “Rhinestone Cowboy” singer was buried during a private ceremony in his hometown of Delight, Ark., on Aug. 9.


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