We've known for some time that Andy Serkis, mo-cap actor extraordinaire, was playing a consulting role on 'Avengers 2,' assisting both Mark Ruffalo and James Spader with their work on Hulk and Ultron, respectively. Recently there were some rumblings, however, that Serkis himself had a part in the film.

The actor told Variety he was "playing a role" in 'Avengers 2,' but wouldn't clarify when asked for specifics, saying, "I’m not at liberty to mention." Many (us included) were left wondering whether Serkis was actually starring in the film in some capacity, or whether his "playing a role" quote was meant to describe more of a behind-the-scenes contribution.

Today, we have some clarification via Hitfix, who report that Serkis will be playing an on-screen role in 'Avengers 2.' When pressed for details, though, their sources said, "the nature of that role is still meant to be a secret," but that it won't be as any of the previously announced characters.

So! When Marvel throws us lemon secrets, it's up to us to make some lemonade speculation...

We'll guess that Serkis' role in the film isn't a very big one in terms of screentime. He was wrapped before the halfway point of production and off to begin work on 'Star Wars: Episode 7' and promote 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.' We've heard of some characters that haven't been announced yet, but none would fit Serkis. It's also unclear as to whether Serkis will be playing this mysterious role using motion-capture technology. It's possible that he has a brief cameo, as a human actor.

Who do you think Serkis will be playing in 'Avengers 2,' and maybe more important, who do you want him to be playing in 'Avengers 2'? Let us know below, and we'll do our best to get some confirmation at Comic-Con when the whole cast has (ahem) assembled.

'Avengers 2' opens on May 1, 2015.

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