American Idol revealed the Top 10 contestants for 2022 in a special episode on Monday night (April 25).

As with Sunday's (April 24) telecast, voters could vote for their favorite artist during the show. The voting window opened up at the top of the broadcast and ended before the last commercial break, with nearly 19 million live votes cast throughout the evening.

This time, contestants saw the evening as more challenging compared to previous episodes because they didn’t get to choose their song — at least, not entirely. Judges got to select the songs, this time, as part of the very first "Judges' Songs Contest."

Without revealing themselves, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie each selected a tune for each singer. Contestants then got their choice between those three song options. After each performance, hopefuls had to guess which judge selected their song, turning the episode into a fun competition for the celebrity panel.

Near the end of the show, long-running host Ryan Seacrest revealed Bryan and Perry tied as the winners in the inaugural competition within the competition.

During the final moments of the two-hour show, Seacrest called for producers to dim the lights, and he read off the results of who would be moving forward in the competition and who would be going home from a piece of paper. Luckily for  country's HunterGirl, Noah Thompson and Mike Parker, they did not appear in the bottom two. They selected songs that connected with America, receiving enough votes to move into the next round of the competition.

That, however, was not the case for hopefuls Lady K and Tristen Gressett, who faced elimination. Luckily, there was a twist: Because Perry and Bryan tied for their Judges Songs Contest Seacrest gave them the opportunity to save either K or Gressett, turning the Top 9 into the Top 10.

They chose Lady K.

American Idol Season 20 Top 10 Contestants:

Christian Guardino
Lady K
Leah Marlene
Nicolina Bozzo
Jay Copeland
Noah Thompson
Emyrson Flora
Mike Parker
Fritz Hager

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