Country parody singer Ray Stevens is at it again, with yet another song & video commenting on a hot political topic, Illegal Immigration

While President Obama, lightly touched on the topic during his State of the Union address, Stevens approached the topic in a more comical manner. Ray Stevens appears to be ageless and very energetic, and more importantly in grand Ray Stevens fashion, he plays all the rolls. I do miss the "Old Ray Stevens" that recorded The Streak & The Shriner's Convention. Now remember, Ray Stevens has joined the Tea Party movement, that same "Ray Stevens also recorded a song many years ago titled "Ahab the Arab". I am of the opinion that stars, far too often use their popularity to sway public opinion on political issues. I believe the "Star" got it's "Star Status" by being an "entertainer" and not a politician. Nonetheless, check out the video, do you think he made his point then blog your thoughts.