While on their way to Lubbock, TX for a concert Thursday night (Nov. 21), Shane Smith and the Saints' bus caught fire. While the band narrowly escaped injury, their bus, equipment, and personal effects were nearly 100% lost.

The band's booking agent Jeb Hurt told us, "all of the band and crew are safe and uninjured, but it does look like this is going to be a total loss situation. Unknown what caused the fire and no word yet on whether or not they will be cancelling any shows due to this unfortunate situation."

That night their Lubbock fans showed up in droves to support the Saints who played to a sold out crowd at Cook's Garage using borrowed equipment. Saving Country Music reported that Cook's donated 100% of the door to the band, a major league move by the venue.

The Saints are insured, but who knows how that will play out. If you'd like to help the guys replace lost equipment and get back on the road a bit sooner, a fan-started Go Fund Me page has been put together.

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