It's still hard to believe we lost Robin Williams late last year. But, one actor is keeping the spirit of Williams alive with 20 spot-on impressions of the late comedian that will blow your mind.

The video (above) was performed by actor Jamie Costa, and uploaded to his YouTube channel. In it, Jamie does 20 spot-on impressions of Robin Williams. Everything from Adrian Cronauer ('Good Morning, Vietnam') and Mrs. Doubtfire, to Mork ("Mork & Mindy") and Teddy Roosevelt ("Night at the Museum") and more.

The creepy part for me, is that not only does Jamie do these awesome impressions, he even resembles Robin Williams.

Obviously nobody did it quite like Robin Williams - and I don't think we'll ever see anyone like him again. But, Jamie Costa is pretty close, and he definitely helps keep the spirit of one of the most beloved entertainers of our time alive.