'Tis the season for work parties, family shindigs, and Sunday School get-togethers, and that usually means one thing — rushing around several days beforehand in search of the perfect gag gift for a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange.

Thankfully, the folks at Global Samaritan (2075 N First St) in Abilene have opened their White Elephant Gift Shop until December 17 for all your wacky gift needs. They'll be open Mondays-Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM and Fridays from 9 AM to noon.

The Christmas magic of their White Elephant shop lies in just how bizarre, odd, or unexpected these gifts are:

Does your coworker still have all those heavy metal cassette tapes from their youth? You may find them a cassette player that never made it out of the 1990s.

Can't decide what to get Aunt Patty, who you haven't seen in decades? A random bookend in the shape of a zebra should do the trick.

And when all else fails... you could always gift your boss with a medical-grade eye patch, so he can turn a blind eye to your Facebook scrolling at your desk.

All of the gifts are hand-selected from Global Samaritan's warehouse by the team themselves, so you never know what you'll find and it's a different shopping experience every time. $10 is the donation amount for any gift in the shop, though you're certainly welcome to gift that entire Secret Santa budget.

The most important part is that your White Elephant gift shop donations go directly to help Global Samaritan help other nonprofits. They specialize in the "logistics" part of giving, which means they provide materials, shipping help, scheduling, and packing space to other charities. When a group wants to send stuff (like medical supplies, books, office furniture, clothing, the list goes on), Global Samaritan steps up to bridge the gap.

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So, if you're looking for the perfect gag gift and want to give back around the block or around the world, stop by the White Elephant gift shop at Global Samaritan. You can check them out online, too.

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