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Abilene's cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies need our help right now as the Abilene Animal Shelter is overflowing with animals. While our Abilene Animal Shelter is set up to accommodate only 135 dogs the shelter is holding on to 186 dogs and puppies, plus an additional 14 dogs that are in quarantine for biting.

The Abilene Animal Services Director Karen Holland is asking all Big Country residents that can adopt or foster to please come forward and do so. These animals really need our help and as a community, we can all make a difference by helping to empty the shelter.

The good news is that right now the national Bissell Vacuum Cleaner manufacturer is donating money to our Abilene shelter for every animal that is being adopted from July 11th through July 30th. Holland said that the funds being donated are put toward adoption fees and to lower the cost of spay and neutering.

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The Annual Bissell Vacuum Foundation's 'Empty the Shelter' campaign works toward accomplishing two things, 1-adoption, and 2-spay-neuter. To adopt an adorable fur baby the cost is only $25 (thanks to the Bissell Foundation) and most spay-neuter vouchers are only $40 depending on the size of the dog (larger dogs could cost up to $70 for a spay-neuter voucher).

Nonetheless, Karen says "it is of the utmost importance that animals are adopted and fixed." The more animals that are fixed the fewer animals will fill the shelters. Later this week, it is expected that the shelter will be getting nearly 30 puppies that are being surrendered by an irresponsible owners that never got their animals fixed.

Just keep in mind the more we Big Country residents adopt the more money the Abilene Shelter will receive from Bissel Vacuums. Again if you have an aminal that is not fixed please get it done. It does not make them fat, lazy, aggressive, or mean. It makes you a caring, responsible pet lover.

Let's all work together to empty the shelter. The shelter is located at 925 South 25th Street.

Photo by: Abilene Animal Shelter / Karen Holland
Photo by: Abilene Animal Shelter / Karen Holland
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