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The Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA) has been very instrumental in bringing a lot of new businesses into the Big Country. Since Broadwind Heavy Fabrication has been in Abilene they have continued to add and grow and now they are planning a $3 million expansion.

So, you ask what is Broadwind Heavy Fabrication?  Broadwind Fabrication is a precision manufacturing company that designs and builds the huge structures, equipment, and all other components that the windmill towers throughout West Texas use to operate.

From those huge propellers, the windmills use to the structures that hold up the windmills. And yes, these are being designed and manufactured right here in Abilene. So when I heard that Broadwing Heavy Manufacturing is expanding I knew that is good news for Abilene and the Big Country.

I contacted Misty Mayo President and CEO of the Development Corporation of Abilene who informed me of the Broadwind growth, that with each expansion comes more jobs, and here's the most exciting and best part. Mayo says "the company’s project will bring more jobs, with expected salaries above the city’s average wage."

Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams said “the project with the local manufacturer, Broadwind Heavy Fabrications, exemplifies our commitment to growth in the community, We cannot be prouder to continue to play a role in retaining and growing our local businesses.”  Source: DCOA press release.

In Abilene, the DCOA is very much an economic development driver and is always reaching out to attract more and bigger businesses and industries that bring in more jobs and more pay to ensure a more prosperous, stronger Abilene Texas.

Furthermore, the Development Corporation of Abilene is focused on the future of Abilene. As stated on the DCOA's website "Booming industries, thousands of acres of affordable land, strong infrastructure with a community that embraces economic development - success begins in Abilene, Texas."

Photo by: Facebook / Broadwind Heavy Fabrication Abilene / Misty Mayo
Photo by: Facebook / Broadwind Heavy Fabrication Abilene / Misty Mayo

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