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The two Giant Anteater pups that were born at the Abilene Zoo back on March 28, 2022, are growing up so nice, healthy, and fast. These two babies are now one month old as they continue to cross milestones.

The male of the two Giant Anteaters continues to grow and develop with momma. But on the other hand, the female Giant Anteater continues to be hand-raised by the Abilene Zoo Animal Care Staff.

The likelihood of the mother, Demo, having enough milk in her system to be able to care for both of her baby pups would be a stretch, to say the least. Before the female can be reintroduced to her mother and brother, she will need to gain some weight and continue development on her own.

In the video below the Abilene Zoo's curator lets the female baby play and practices digging in one of the curator's shoes. A behavior that is critical and needed for an anteater that would dig into ant mounds naturally.

While the names of the baby Giant Anteaters have not been released they will be soon and will happen on the Abilene Zoo's social media sights soon. Plus we will be posting it on the station's website as well.

To ensure that all the animals that are at the Abilene Zoo are well taken care of, your financial support is needed. Here's how you can help, get involved and give all at the same time.

The easiest and fastest way to help our Abilene Zoo is by becoming an annual member of the Abilene Zoo. By purchasing a family or single membership, you'll be able to get into the zoo as often as you'd like. Furthermore, you'll be afforded discount tickets for other Zoo events.

The different ways to join are: online go to memberships can be purchased from the Zoo's website. You can do it in person by purchasing the membership at the Zoo's gate. Finally by phone, simply call member services at 325-676-6451 for more information.

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