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The Abilene Zoo is an awesome place to go just to visit and if you ever need a great place to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or a place to just have a fun party. The best part is that whenever I want to go just hang out I don't have to buy a ticket because I am a contributing member of the Abilene Zoo.

I started being a supporting member when my youngest son was in kindergarten, and he would always be in awe of all the sights and animals. Plus when it was time to have a birthday or any kind of celebration or gathering my son Christopher would always say why don't we go do it at the Abilene Zoo? Yes, the Abilene Zoo is the perfect place.

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Incredibly, every month there is always something special going on at the Abilene Zoo. Then there are the big holidays like Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas, or the specialty programs from Spring Break Camp to Summer Camps. This is when school-aged children get hands-on experience with many of the animals.

Becoming an Abilene Zoo Member has many benefits.

Zoo Director Jesse Pottebaum said, "We appreciate all our supporting members and would like to grow our supporting members in order to grow the zoo and make it bigger and better." Pottebaum added, "Our membership programs directly support operations and programs that protect the future of our animals and provide members with the opportunity to enjoy the zoo as we start the next chapter."

According to the latest news release, Every Member Receives:

  • Free admission to the Abilene Zoo for 1 year (Excluding Special Events)
  • Free or discounted admission to named members at over 100 reciprocating Zoos across the county. For a list of reciprocal zoos visit
  • Digital guest passes
  • Free Members Only Event
  • Discounts on Special Event Tickets
  • 10% Discount on zoo food and zoo store
  • Subscription to the newsletter, ZNEWS
  • Over the phone-just give us a call at 325-676-6085
    Renewing is quick and easy! Online at
    In Person at the Abilene Zoo Gift Shop

Take my advice and check out some of the upcoming events, and if you have younger school-age children you will want to enroll them in one of the zoo's many camps and classes. The Abilene Zoo is located at 2070 Zoo Lane.

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