Fans at a recent Aaron Lewis concert are now in a very exclusive club. They are, for the moment, the only people to have ever heard the singer's brand-new track, "The State I'm In," which he debuted onstage during his performance.

Lewis played the title track off of his upcoming album, The State I'm In, at a West Virginia concert on Saturday (Dec. 15). In the somber song, Lewis laments the loss of a number of important things in his life, including his family, faith and soul. He bares his emotions, singing, "I'm thinking there is a better way / To make through another day / So sad that life turned out like this / 'Cause I still taste you on my lips." Press play above to watch a fan-recorded video of the entire emotional song.

Lewis' The State I'm In Tour kicks off on Jan. 24 in Dallas, Texas. The tour will focus on an acoustic setting, and allow Lewis to share some of his favorite behind-the-scenes moments with his fans.

"My music is very first-person, very autobiographical," Lewis shares in a press release. "It's from my life experiences that I draw inspiration for my songs. This acoustic tour gives me the opportunity to share the stories behind my songs with my fans and play them stripped down, like I wrote them."

More information about Lewis can be found on his official website.

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