A Thousand Horses have shared the driving lead track off their upcoming second studio album, Starting Fires. Readers can press play above to listen to the powerful tune. The anthemic song tears straight into a power-chant, led by lead singer Michael Hobby.

"I'm a champion / Comin' for the top / Got no limits, always winning / And it ain't gonna stop / Now I'm taking aim / Got the goal in my sights / And I don't care what nobody say / 'Cause I'm doin' it my way," Hobby sings, the victorious cadence breaking into a pounding, rock-fused chorus. "My time's comin' / Been coming for a long time / I'm a champion" is the refrain that repeats against a surging drums-and-guitar melody.

The country-rock foursome that consists of Hobby, Zach Brown, Graham DeLoach and Bill Satcher are following up their 2017 EP Bridges with the new album, set to release in 2019. Starting Fires promises to follow the same grinding progress that the band has delivered since their 2015 debut, Southernality; "My Time's Comin'" is a taste of what fans can expect on the new album, which was produced by Dave Cobb.

Hobby says that the motivational push behind A Thousand Horses' new song was one they all needed: “We started writing this song as a message of encouragement to a friend of ours that had hit an unexpected hiccup in his athletic career," the lead singer tells Rolling Stone. "As Bill [Satcher] and I were writing it though, we began to see more of ourselves in it and quickly realized that we were actually writing the lyrics as more of a note-to-self to keep fighting through our own self doubts and struggles ... To remind ourselves who we are and to never give up the fight for our dreams. Especially when times are tough.”

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