Bassist Graham DeLoach of A Thousand Horses has tied the knot with fiancee Andrea Evans. The band posted a few stunning photos of the newly married couple on Instagram on July 7 to celebrate their bandmate, noting they’d gotten married “this week,” but not giving an exact wedding date. Other photos with the wedding hashtag #delightedtobedeloach, however, indicate the two were married on Independence Day.

“Our dream wedding was just that — an absolute dream! We had the most incredible time with our family and friends coming together to make it all happen! We couldn’t have done it without each one of you!” Evans writes on her own Instagram feed. “It all came together so perfectly! These two newlyweds are over the moon!! Now on to our ‘honeymoon’ with @athousandhorses in NY & CT … Hope you boys are ready for some leftover wedding cake!”

The couple were engaged back in January in Aspen Park, Colo.

A Thousand Horses, as Evans notes in her caption, are on the road right now promoting their new sophomore album Bridges, which came out on June 2. The guys have shared that they cut half the record at the famous Metropolis Studios in London (where Adele cut 21), playing six of their songs straight to vinyl in front of a live audience of about 25 fans.

“Having the human element on the record is something you don’t have anymore,” singer Michael Hobby says, referencing how most albums are digitally recorded today with the ability to fix errors and fine-tune things after the fact.

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