Do you or someone you know think a place around Abilene may be haunted?  Well, if you have ever wanted to find out for sure, you are in luck. I recently had the privilege of interviewing Ashley and Jill from A-Team Paranormal Investigations, who specialize in finding out exactly that for you.

A-Team Paranormal Investigations in Abilene is a non-profit organization that dedicates their time and energy to discovering the paranormal.  They can basically determine if those freaky things you hear in the middle of the night are coincidence, a figment of your imagination, or if they are straight up haunted with paranormal activity.   They are an expansion of West Texas Paranormal Society out of Lubbock and are completely free.

I have to say,  I have seen some pretty jacked up things that have made me wonder about the paranormal, or even aliens.  You're alone, it's dark, and you get that creepy sensation that somebody, or something, is in the room with you and you get that crazy, hair standing up on your arms, sensation.  It happens.  But, do you know for sure why that happens?

I've always been a little unsure of whether or not paranormal activity is real, even though I'm a huge fan of TV shows like 'Ghost Hunters'.  But, sometimes things happen that are just too unexplainable to not believe that paranormal activity is real.  If you have ever been skeptical about the paranormal, maybe this interview will change your mind, or just shed a little light on what you already know about the subject.

Check out my interview with A-Team Paranormal Investigations where we talk about haunted places in the Abilene area and how they can help you find out if a place you know of is haunted.  The interview is in two parts.  Enjoy.

A-Team Paranormal Investigations Interview

Part 1

Part 2


So, what are your thoughts on paranormal activity?  Is it real and one of your biggest fears, or do you just chalk it up as one of life's coincidences?