With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching, I felt this familiar feeling in my stomach when a fellow broadcaster, sent me a montage' of sound bites and a songwriters interview. His name is Ty Hager and he hosts a nationally syndicated radio show called "Behind the Hits". I don't think Ty was even expecting to hear what songwriter Billy Montana was going to reveal about his song "Bring on the Rain" Here's the interview.

The songwriter Billy Montana has visited our studios here in Abilene before so the audio file peaked my interest. I gave it a listen and within a few minutes I had a knot in my throat and stomach and tears were streaming down my cheeks. I wasn't expecting the mountain of emotions I just felt for the last 90 minutes. I immediately wanted to share my feeling and thoughts with someone, that someone is you, so here goes.

I, never thought that I could feel helpless, simply because, all my life I have done for myself everything that needed to be done and I never let having one arm hold me back. I never have nor will I ever feel sorry for myself. A few minutes ago, after listening to the audio file from a fellow broadcaster and watching the you-tube videos, I am now feeling helpless, angry, revengeful, sad and pity for not being able to stop what we all saw on Tuesday morning September 11th 2001.

Now 10 years later I thought for sure the feelings would have subsided, but no! I now have more feelings, stronger feelings, I even feel more patriotic. I will no longer sit idly by and do nothing I will stand up for my country America thee greatest nation on earth. I will help my neighbors, the elderly, the sick and the poor. I will not back down from a FIGHT. I will help make our great nation better than our forefathers could have ever imagined. It is time as Americans we buy American and put our family and friends back to work. I/we shall volunteer in our local charities, churches and community centers. I will encourage everyone to go out and celebrate each and every holiday to the fullest and in your own individual way. Because I believe that is the American way.

Let us never forget that we are vulnerable when we allow fear to enter our hearts. As you watch this video, allow the memories and emotions to fill your heart with feelings that are what I call an , "All American Spirit".