It's the 4thof July and it's time for hot dogs, water melon and homemade ice cream, right? While I'm at it, I still don't understand the basis of a "food eating contest", in the past I've been asked to participate and very early on, I did participated in a few eating contests, but nothing like four-time champion Joey Chesnutt who defended his title as the "Champion Mustard Belt Hot Dog Eating Champion."
As I've grown older I don't understand the eating contest thing. Seems like I keep hearing my mothers voice saying, "someone in another country is going to bed hungry. After I heard that several times, I made sure I ate everything on my plate and today that is what I blame my weight problem on.

By the way I won the Ice cream eating contests many years ago, but only because my mouth and teeth never felt the cold and/or pain caused by the cold. Nonetheless it still make for an interesting video. OK, are these people for real? check out a couple of the "speed eating contests" especially the last one. The guy finishes his watermelon in 12 seconds.