Men's Journal recently published an article about the Best Places to Drink a Beer in America, so naturally, that caught my attention. After reading the article, it seems Texas has two bars that made the list.

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Granted, anywhere you drink beer in Texas is a great place to drink beer, but let's take a look at the two bars that made the list.

Now, what makes Howard's and Banger's a better place to drink beer than other places in Texas? Honestly, I have no idea. The author of the said article didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason as to how or why he included the bars he had in his article.

The author also mentioned places like "any professional soccer stadium", "just off the lift", and "at the source itself" as other great places to drink beer in America. So, basically, he likes to drink and so do I, so maybe we became best friends without even knowing each other.

So, if you're in Shiner or Austin, stop by either place and let us know how they stack up as great places to drink beer. While you're in Austin, make a pitstop at Scholz Garden. Scholz is not only <a href="" target="_blank">the oldest restaurant </a>in Texas, but it's also <a href="" target="_blank">the oldest bar</a> in the Lone Star state.
Google Maps/Street View
Google Maps/Street View

A little useless info for you. Did you know that 33% of Texans said they're willing to give up caffeine for life if that meant they could continue to drink booze? More shockingly, over 50% said they'd give up 3 years of their life so they could keep drinking.

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