Irene and Alice have been friends for 94 years, since they were 6 years old, and they have seen a lot over those years. Watch their hilarious interpretations of today's pop culture.

A while back two 100 year old best friends appeared on the Steve Harvey Show. The ladies are asked for their thoughts about things like selfies, Justin Bieber, twerking, iPhone's and more. They are actually pretty sharp on most of it and definitely have strong opinions about it too. Like the iPhone, for example, one of the ladies just wants to have good old Bell Telephone back.

It's crazy to think about all the things they've seen over their 100 years. Even in my lifetime things have changed dramatically. I'm amazed at all the new technology we have. I remember life before PC's, portable phones and ATM machines. I can only image what we will have in the next 56 years of my life; God willing I live that long.

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