Product placement might seem like a good idea to marketers, but there is a limit. It's one thing to put a closeup of a show's hero drinking an ice-cold can of Dr Pepper. It would be another thing entirely to fill up a TV show with cans of Dr Pepper stacked up everywhere while the hero tries to solve the mystery of who killed the Dr Pepper factory worker. But that's pretty much what you get with this half-hour-long boy-meets-girl drama.

And while this film may seem like a commercial for the home appliance section of Sears, the product is actually buried a little deeper than that -- although not that much deeper. This totally not-boring-at-all film preaches the wonderful life you can have by using electricity for absolutely everything you do.

Sponsored by Edison Electric, this snooze-fest tells the story of a girl who's interested in a boy. But the boy is too smitten with the wonders of modern lifestyle appliances to pay much attention to her. Electricity, you are a harsh mistress.

The writers of this show were really tapped into the zeitgeist of the time, capturing the essence and heartbeat of '50s youth culture through a stunning use of language. "Mother, wouldn't it be slick if we had an electric ironer, like Sally's mother has," says our star-crossed teenager. Slick indeed.

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