Eric Church's best songs include "Springsteen," "Drink In My Hand" and "Mr. Misunderstood," but with this country singer it's all about the stories. There's that one time he got fired from a superstar's tour, and that other time he played chicken with the head of his record label.

The 43-year-old country music superstar is readying a new album for release in April 2021 and promising a tour as he prepares to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. It's as good a time as any to find out who his biggest fans are. How many from the Church Choir can get all six of these trivia questions right?

The video below includes gimme questions about Church's nickname and slightly more difficult questions about the song his record label head really didn't want him to release as a single. If you can recall the details of the life-saving surgery he had in 2017, you're doing better than most. The truth is, we came close to losing the country-rocker long before he was able to dream up "Hell of a View" and songs from Heart & Soul.

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The North Carolina-born Eric Church came to Nashville after college and released his first radio single, "How 'Bout You," in 2006. It was a slow start for the man called Chief, partly because his outlaw demeanor rubbed some radio programmers and fellow artists the wrong way. He was famously kicked off of a Rascal Flatts tour, but several years of playing rock clubs built the kind of grassroots following most artists can only dream of.

In 2011, songs from the Chief album provided his first No. 1 radio hits, and from there it's been a real mix of radio-friendly country-rockers and, sharp, hardened statements packaged in guitars, drums and fire. The man brought an arena-sized, inflatable devil on tour with him in 2014 and 2015 — you just don't see that in country music.

Enjoy this video and then more that test your knowledge of George Strait, Alan Jackson and Miranda Lambert.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Eric Church:

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