We have all seen the pictures of the "People Of Wal-mart" where they seem to wear what  ever they want. Well that's not my gripe...We need some "Wal-mart Restroom Rules"!

Here's why; I'm in the Wal-mart restroom. It seemed empty at first and as I walk to the nearest to the door urinal, (as I once again waited till the last second to go), when I could here someone in in the farthest stall moving around. I continue as usual doing my business at the urinal...when out of the farthest stall a father and his two daughters emerged (the girls I estimate were 3 & 5 years old)...well needless to say I felt like a freak show and my privacy invaded as one of the girls noticed me and as daddy tried to rush his two daughters out the door I heard one ask "hey daddy what happen to his arm?". Which brings me to my final point. Dad's take the boys to the boys/mens restrooms and moms take your daughters to the girls/ladies-room. No need for clarification that's it I made the rules now lets all abide by them. And thank you for shopping at Wal-mart!