The love story of Vince Gill and Amy Grant is well-known among their fans: They met in 1993, while both married to other people; Grant had three children with her first husband, Gary Chapman, and Gill had one daughter with his ex-wife, Janis Oliver.

"The first thing that ever drew me to Amy was that smile," Gill recalls. "I knew how kind she was and all of those things, but when she first smiled at me, that’s when my world flipped on its axis.

"We were both married, and though we were crazy about each other, we thought, 'Well, that's not our life,'" Gill says. "The hard truth was that we never thought for a minute that we would wind up together."

But after both marriages ended in divorce, Gill and Grant wed on March 10, 2000, on a rainy hillside outside Nashville; there were 400 guests, bagpipe players and a reception at Grant's home. Together, the couple welcomed one daughter, Corrina; however, it wasn't "happily ever after" right away due to the tough blending of families.

"It was hard," Gill admits. "The kids, the popularity of our lives, a lot of tongues waggin'."

But, they got through it, and their love has inspired many fans as it continues to this day. In 2017, Gill introduced a new song inspired by Grant and her faith -- it's called "When My Amy Prays," and in 2021, it's nominated for a Grammy -- and their annual Christmas residency at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville is a beautiful and festive holiday tradition.

Click through the photo gallery below to see some of Gill and Grant's sweetest moments together:

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