Jason Aldean's most memorable songs are high octane rockers built to fuel one of the best live shows in country music. A close look at his Top 50 songs reveals a man capable of so much more.

There are flashes of who the "She's Country" hitmaker would eventually become on his self-titled debut album, but on Jason Aldean (2005), you'll also find a lot of experimentation. Pure country weepers that recall Tracy Lawrence are stacked alongside snarling heaters like "Hicktown," his debut single (No. 22 on this list). Not everything worked, but you have to respect the work put in to fine-tune on the fly.

This list of Aldean's best songs — ranked — recognizes that that effort often came between the hit radio singles. Fourteen of the 50 songs below are deep cuts, suggested by fans and vetted by Taste of Country staff. "Asphalt Cowboy" (No. 15) and "Texas Was You" (No. 26) are two essential songs that radio DJs never spun, but without them, you can't fully understand why his audience is so passionate. A case could be made that Aldean's first duet with Miranda Lambert is better than his second, a No. 1 hit from 2018. We didn't go that far, but we'll listen to the argument.

What made it possible for Aldean to build a catalog worthy of a Top 50 songs list is his commitment to evolving as an artist. Like breadcrumbs, he leaves blue collar, rural anthems on every album so his most enduring fans always have something new to identify with. Those balance his wild home run swings, most of which have led to career-changing hits. "Dirt Road Anthem" (No. 3) and "Burnin' It Down" (No. 25) are two examples.

This journey shows the evolution of one of the 21st century's most successful country singers, and finishes with at least two unexpected songs inside his Top 5. Scroll down to find your favorite song. We look forward to continuing the conversation for years to come.

Top 50 Jason Aldean Songs: His Greatest Hits + Best Deep Cuts

The best Jason Aldean songs are spread out among his 11 studio albums. Find singles and deep cuts from his self-titled debut album high on this list, right alongside more recent hits and duets from Macon and Georgia.

Taste of Country asked readers for input and did a deep dive into Aldeans' full catalog of songs to identify those worthy of this top songs list, and those that simply aren't. Spoiler alert: A few radio singles are missing, and several album tracks rank inside the Top 20. Sales and chart success helped us round out the Top 50. Do you agree with No. 1?

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