Tim McGraw recently came off the two-year Soul2Soul trek with wife Faith Hill, and along the way, the country power couple delivered 120 shows to their fans. McGraw says the experience is a lot of fun, but no matter how many shows they play together, Hill continues to stretch him as an artist.

"To me, she’s one of the top singers in any genre of music in the world," McGraw shares in an interview with Storme Warren for SiriusXM. "She’s just such a great, great vocalist, and so much heat comes off her vocal and the range that she has, and the tone that she has. So every night, I’m just kind of like a NASCAR trying to keep up with an INDY Car."

McGraw says her versatility pushes him musically in every performance: "When I’m trying to sing with her, and certainly when I’m trying to sing in harmony with her, it’s one of the hardest things in the world to do, because she never sings a song the same way twice and I have to learn it by rote to be able to sing it ... I think it always makes me a better singer to sing with her, and it really pushes my vocal ability and helps me find new places."

McGraw says that the difference in their learning and performing styles sometimes creates "a rub," but it's pretty rare, and for the most part, they enjoy the trip.

"...It was a lot of fun, I mean two years in the bus together, in the dressing room together, on stage together and just traveling on planes all the time. It was a lot of fun, and we really enjoyed it," the "Neon Church" artist shares.

McGraw says that the new album he's working on will capture the growth that he has experienced in working closely with his wife and their different takes on music.  "... I think that reflects on this record. We’re completely different artists and we approach things in completely different ways."

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